5 Reasons Your Trust Might Be a Fixer-Upper?

Even the most well-built homes need some TLC from time to time. Periodic maintenance makes sure the home isn't in such condition that it needs to be torn down to start new. This is true as well with plans. Plans need to be changed to meet current circumstances. This is also true of your estate plan. If it has been a while since you have looked at your trust, it may be time to dust that document off to see if there is some simple TLC that you can give that plan to make it work for current circumstances or whether you need a complete tear down to build the plan fresh. Take a look at the signing date of your trust or will, now see if any of the following circumstances apply to you. Reasons a ch

Guard Your Inheritance from Theft

If you think that your family has some dysfunction while you are living, wait for a member of the family to die. This often brings up old feelings of past wrongs and can often highlight the fact that certain family members were favored by the deceased loved one over other family members. This is only exacerbated by money from the estate. This often leads to the worst coming out in people. Even people that are most trusted and have a long history of being good can be turned by the grieving of death and the prospect of large assets changing hands. There are things that both the creator of a trust and the inheritor of a trust can do to make sure that inheritance theft is not part of the legacy

Top 12 Items You Should Have in Your Estate Plan

Clients often ask me what documents they should have in their estate plan. The answer is a bit lengthier than they would have thought. If you imagine that you will be leaving your home to go to a place that is out of the country for the next few months and you are preparing a friend to take over for you while you are gone, this is a good start. To put it in more black and white terms, I have compiled a list of 12 documents that should be available to the friend or loved one that will take care of your estate should you no longer be able to do it yourself. A Trust: (At least in California) I practice law in California, if you have a house or life insurance and minor children you should create

Estate Planning: The Last Love Letter You’ll Write

I once took a creative writing course at the local junior college. The number one lesson I took away from that class was that in writing it is better to show than tell the audience what is happening. This is true in life as well. While it is important to tell your friends and family that you love them, it is even more impactful to show how much you love them. One way that you may not normally think about to show your family that you love them is by creating an estate plan. How is Your Estate Plan a Love Letter? Here are a few reasons why I call an estate plan the last love letter you’ll ever give your family: Gets Your House in Order: Estate planning is a great opportunity to get all your fi

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