The Road Back to Great Credit: Course #2

Your task for this lesson is to get 3-5 major active credit cards. Below this text, you will find a list of credit cards. In an attempt to save you money on security deposits, you should first try to get traditional credit cards. Also, if possible, follow the guidelines set out in the video for getting "authorized user accounts" that will report to the credit bureaus. If you cannot do either the traditional credit card route or the authorized user account, then apply for some of the secured cards on the attachment. Apply for all of the cards at the same time, if possible, because age of accounts is one of the factors that affect your credit score.

To keep the accounts active remember to add a monthly bill with a fixed amount and date due and you can pay off the charge through automatic bank payments set up with an online bank account that way you are never late. Remember to charge something that is less than 30% of the total card limit to maximize the benefit to your credit score.

For Those with "Fair Credit" Meaning your score is between 550 and 719, look into these credit card options:

For those with scores below 550, look into these credit card options:

Good Luck!

Many want to swear off credit cards after bankruptcy, but this lesson will teach you how to use credit cards to help you along your road to great credit.