The Road Back to Great Credit: Course #4

In this lesson we will teach you where to go to report credit report errors and what is an important error to fix after bankruptcy.

Your task for this lesson is to look at your credit report to determine if there are any accounts that are reporting the serious inaccuracies we discussed in this video. If there are inaccuracies, record the errors using the attached tools. You can make initial reports using these links: 


Remember that it is important to keep a record and proof of everything you do to resolve these mistakes.

Here are the templates to report mistakes to creditors: 





Most of the other types of disputes can be handled with the online dispute sites listed above, but if you have a credit limit that is inaccurately reported or you have something incorrect that resurfaces for some reason, you will want to use the attached letter templates to correct these problems. Always send the items certified with return receipt so you have proof that you sent the letters.

If there are no errors, sit back and relax. If you have completed the other tasks as assigned, your credit score should start to increase.

You should complete the next lesson in one month's time. This month allows the required time for the mistakes on your credit report to be corrected.

Good Luck!

Form Letter to Creditors