Estate Planning While In Quarantine

I have had a lot of questions lately (mostly from my friends that are lawyers in different areas of law) about getting their estate plans in order (wills, trusts, health care documents, and financial powers of attorney). While everyone else was worried about getting toilet paper, my lawyer friends were worried about legal toilet paper. At least that is the joke that I repeated to all of them. I'm not above repeating jokes to get a laugh. Actually, I am not above anything to get a laugh. Those of you who know me from high school can attest to that.

This is a question that has been circulating on the estate planning attorney list serves that I belong to: how do we get someone's estate planning done remotely now that we are quarantined and potential clients are thinking about getting this work done now more than ever and have time to boot. It's funny because I have been trying to convince the world that remote estate planning is just as good as in person estate planning because the technology has caught up with our needs.

At this point most of you, especially if you have children that are distance learning, are familiar with Zoom Meeting. We have been using Zoom Meeting successfully to meet with clients for a couple of years now. I have always used a whiteboard in in-person meetings with clients to diagram people's estate plans. This method translates really well to Zoom Meeting if you have a good iPad. I can share my screen in a way that I can map out a plan over Zoom Meeting.

Alternatively, some of you may not need my help in creating an estate plan at all. You may be able to get some of your estate planning done from home for free. For that purpose, I have put together a webinar which I am running regularly. This webinar will give you five tools that you can use to create some estate planning documents for free while you are at home. To register for that webinar, sign up here:

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